Saturday, May 19, 2012

Genocide: Via Status Quo Bias and Comp stat flaws

If you've been stopped by the police consider your life in jeopardy of being ruined.  Did they write your name in their log note pad, which is used for the NYPD comp stats, more on comp stats later.  Did they run your name, ask you where were you going, maybe they even said "you fit the description of a person of interest" or my favorite, you were just talking to a known drug dealer or, that's a known drug spot.  The irony here is, a known drug spot and drug dealer to a law enforcement officer can only operate, and remain in operation and known as such, with the help of law enforcement itself.  Go figure!

Furthermore, New york don't allow you to defend yourself against criminals nor law breaker, and depending on your location, the police won't arrive on time,  under corrupt circumstances, they usually know the perpetrator and their presence makes no difference either way, or you just don't matter.

All I can say is this! 
Don't be so square, or aloof in some cases that you become bate for criminals and law breakers looking to score favors with corrupt policing and their tactics to meet quotas, all while you're become victim Status quo bias.

Written by, I always wanted to be Police


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