Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Right is right, and wrong is wrong

Today, just a few minutes to or past 11:30.  Standing on the platform, waiting for the A train at a certain station, on the uws, way upper west side. While waiting, I experienced a very unique and honest situation.
First of all, the station is usually very clean and visually welcoming, compared to some stations I've encountered in my travels.  We don't expect the subway to be spotless (but we do look forward to a clean, safe, and comfortable environment, and that's what the MTA worker at this station was doing. She was sweeping the south bound platform, when a woman tossed a metro card onto the platform. The MTA service Porter told the litterer, I know you just saw me sweeping! A the women who just littered dropped her head with embarrassment, waited until the Porter was out of site, then she bent down and picked up the metro card from the platform. That was so considerate, he he.

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