Thursday, July 19, 2012

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On Friday, July the 13th 2012, at about 6:30 pm, in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, a Young man in his late teens became a victim of a hit and run, on Dean St @  Classon Ave. in Brooklyn.  According to the young man, he was hit by a silver or grey colored older model Mercedes Benz, while he was bicycling on Dean St.  The car did not stop, so a Muslim gentleman who was riding North along Classon Ave, who witnessed the hit and run, then pursued the grey colored Mercedes Benz as it fled east on Dean St.,without stopping. We were just passing by, when I saw the young man struggling to get up off the ground. It was obvious he needed aide and assistance. A large crowd of people just stood at a distance and watched. "Want me to call the ambulance"? screamed One resident of a Classon Ave tenement who was looking out of her window, saw the hit And run. It must have been at least 3 minutes after he was hit that I arrived, and another minute passed before the woman screamed, offering to call 911. Not only was the crowd just looking and not doing anything to help, no one even called 911. The young man certainly had injuries but we were unclear, to what extent they were, although he had injuries to his arm and was unable to stand up. Concerned with the worrying of his family, the young man asked us to call his home and to take his bike.  The young man was taken to interfaith,
Just to show you how concerned, and interested people are/or can be in the well being of others, Peep this: Before the ambulance left the scene, a male who was amongst the onlooker, attempted to take the young man's bicycle- as he perpetrated to a work at the bodega. Unbeknownst to sticky fingers, one of the real employees from the bodega came out of the store. When he (the bodega store employee) overheard the impostor perpetrating the fraud with the bike in hand, and taking the bike into the the store, he asked "why are you lying to cause me a problem". At this point, the real employee took the bicycle from the impostor and went into the store with it for safe keeping, while the male who saw an opportunity to get a new bike, shamelessly walked away. Thanks to the employees at the store, on Classon @Dean, the young man and the bike was safe.  And the young man got the help and attention he needed.   Friday the 13th Hit and run: On Dean St. @Classon between Franklin Ave. 
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