Thursday, July 19, 2012

Soda, what! so what da?

Cold Drink, Pop, a coke, or a cola, caffeine candy, fizzle, sugar poison, quarter water, a drink, liquid sugar, sugalixir, and many more, are a few pseudonyms for soda and sugary drinks. 
Recently, New York's Mayor Micheal Bloomberg introduced the idea to limit soft drink servings in food service industries, (restaurants, bars and anyplace food is served) Mayor Bloomberg is basically paving the way for a healthier conscious thinking individual. Maybe the mayor deserves a hand clap and a hi five, it's not often the Mayor does the job of the food and drug administration. Many people think it's dictatorship, what the mayor is doing, but with a little room think, let hypothesize. What if Mayor Bloomberg is setting up a law that prevents soda drinkers from bringing lawsuits against the manufacturers- who knows that the consumption of too much artificially sweetened ingredients in addition to the amount of artificial sugar in sugary drink can cause health problems. It's like cigarettes, now you (the consumer) know the dangers. This reminds me of the time, the time when cereals manufacturers could no longer read sugar on cereal boxes. I think the mayor is satisfying everyone with this one. It could be worse, he could have placed age restictions on sugary drinks, 21 and over. Can you imagine that, getting carded to buy a drink. Let see what others have to say. I asked three rabdom people what they thought of the Mayor's Proposal to limit sugary drinks. HERE IS WHAT THEY HAD TO SAY:

Woman from Hudson Heights

 Resident of Washington Heights

 Resident of Hudson Heights

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